SaniChick is a revolutionary and internationally patented product that has been specifically developed by the engineers of SaniChem for Aspergillus fumigatus control in hatcheries. Our patented system has advanced the control of Aspergillus fumigatus to a new era.

Our system is an efficient and simple to use a method that allows complete control of the application process. The SaniFog machine provides for the ability to have an adjustable dosage option for varied conditions and room sizes.

SaniChick is applied through the electrically operated SaniFog machine, which produces a very dense fog that floats throughout the space reaching all areas and remains hanging in the air for extended periods of time, thus offering a superior kill rate in the atmosphere for maximum Aspergillus control for the poultry industry. The SaniFog machine has a timed operation, where specific measured amounts of SaniChick get to be introduced into space in the correct dosage for the size of the area to be covered.