The Thunder Bird:

Thunder Bird is a powerful double-barrelled truck mounted thermal fog machine that is used for a variety of applications that need a large output of chemicals as well as a production of an enormous volume of smoke.

It is the perfect machine for the control of virus in large scale, the control of malaria mosquitoes in large areas such as cities, campsites and mines. It is also used for Litter Beetle control in the poultry industry and for Stink bug control in the macadamia industry as well as for the production of smoke to protect grapes from frost.



Thunder Bird

Spouting Pipe

2 each

Pressure Guage Quantity

2 kg / m2

Formulation Output

200 Litre/hour

Fuel Tank

2x 7 Litre

Fuel Consumption

4 Litre/hour

Fog Particle Size

0.5 - 50 microns

Formulation Tank

150 Litre

Weight (net)

43 kg


1650 x 510 x 380 mm