The Viru Fog:

The Viru Fog is a compact and versatile electric ULV machine. It is widely used for area decontamination applications such as in the recognised SaniSystem. Hospitals, clinics, restaurants, hotels, office blocks, vehicles, residences and much more use Viru Fog for the control of viruses such as Coronavirus (COVID-19), bacteria, such as salmonella and fungus.

Viru Fog offers a powerful 1100 W single-phase motor, yet has a silent operation, being ideal for applications in environments where noise and exhaust fumes must be at a minimum. Viru Fog offers full area decontamination quickly and efficiently for the control of several pathologies, providing a safe environment.



Viru Fog

Tank Capacity

4 Litre


220 VAC / 50Hz




Water / Oil Based Chemicals

Injection Distance

5 - 15 m

Droplet Size

15 - 50 microns

Weight (net)

4 kg

Flow Rate

5 - 25 Litre / hour